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Vienna Medical Doctor's Ball - Frequently Asked Questions



1. How and where can I purchase tickets?

Tickets and table reservations are only accepted in written form: reservierungen.aerzteball@aekwien.at
Before October, only via fax oder e-mail. Starting October, you can purchase tickets online via the booking tool on the website.
Payment is accepted by PayPal or eps online-banking (e.g. using your credit card or by bank transfer). Please note that internet purchases via online banking with eps are only accepted by Austrian banks! 
Tickets ordered via e-mail can be paid via bank account or credit card (Master Card or VISA).
You can also buy tickets at the office located in Weihburggasse 10-12, 1010 Vienna, which will be open from January 7, till January 29/2016 Business hours: Wednesday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m, Thursday: 11 a.m. - 8 p.m., Friday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., or directly at the Hofburg on the day of the ball (in case the ball is not sold out). Please take into account that entry tickets do not include seat reservations. These have to be purchased separately.

2. Where can I pick up my purchased tickets?

Reserved tickets and seat reservations are to be picked up at the ball office, located in Weihburggasse 10-12, 1010 Vienna, starting January 7, 2016. Alternatively, tickets may be picked up at the box office of the Vienna Hofburg on the night of the event. If explicitly requested, tickets can also be sent by post to the address stated in the order for a handling fee of EUR 6 (registered mail EUR 10) to addresses in Austria, EUR 10 (registered mail EUR 13) inside Europe and EUR 13 (registered mail EUR 15) for all other countries. No responsibility will be taken for tickets that have been sent and lost by the post office.
For bought tickets the consignment will be start in December.

3. What is the opening time of the box office at the Hofburg?

The box office at the Hofburg is open until 1.00 hours. Here you can pick up tickets, and buy tickets in case the ball is not sold out.

4. Table reservations

Tickets and table reservations are only accepted in written form: reservierungen.aerzteball@aekwien.at. Reservations for the Festsaal for the 66. medical doctor's ball on January 30, 2016, will only be accepted in written form, starting on the first of March 2015, 00.00 hours without any exceptions. All reservations will be sorted by date and time the e-mail was sent. We ask for your understanding that inquiries and reservations sent before the first of March cannot and will not be answered or taken into account. Starting October, you can purchase tickets online via the booking tool on the website. Before October, only via fax oder e-mail. Tickets bought online can be paid via credit card (Master Card, VISA) or PayPal. Tickets ordered via e-mail can be paid via bank account or credit card (Master Card, VISA). Table reservations do not include entry tickets - these must be bought seperately. We recommend to purchase table seats and tickets at the same time. Table reservations must be paid within the deadline stated on the reservation. After this deadline, the reservation of the table seats expires. The various rooms for table reservations can be found on the website: www.aerzteball.at/raeume.htm. Seats must be booked in advance. 

5. What rooms are available for seat reservation?

Via our online booking system you can see which rooms and tables are available, and which ones are already reserved. The Festsaal offers tables for 8 guests, as well as tables for 10 guests. The Zeremoniensaal and the Seitengalerie has tables for 10 guests. All other rooms offer tables for four guests each. The rooms are also displayed on our website: www.aerzteball.at/raeume.htm. If you click on the name of the room (on the left), a pop-up will open to show the table order. Of course you can also reserve one or two seats at a table. The prices vary from EUR 25 to EUR 390 per seat – depending on the room. The purchase of seats is binding. In case of a cancellation before December 31, the price will be refunded. From January 1 till January 23, 50 % of the price will be refundet. After January 24 no refund is possible! Please take into account that seat reservations do not include entry tickets. These have to be purchased separately.

6. Why is there a difference between ladies and gentlemen tickets?

Due to Austrian Ball tradition, a small present is given to the ladies. This is why each lady ticket has two small strokes on the side (the gentlemen tickets only have one – for the entry). One stroke on the lady ticket is for the small gift, which can be picked up till 1.00 a.m. near the entrance. Tickets for students do not include a ladies gift.


7. How to get student tickets?

Student tickets are not available through the online reservation system. Student tickets can be bought from 7 January 2016 in the Ball office at the Vienna Medical Chamber. Please bring your student ID. Entry with "student card" is only possible with valid student card (up to the age of 26, till birthday 1990-02-01).

8. Do the entry tickets include food and beverages?

No, the food and beverages can be bought at the various buffets and bars, which offer delicious snacks or refreshments. The prices are in an averaged upscale level. In case you would like to have dinner before the ball, Vienna offers many good restaurants.

9. Will I be able to see the opening ceremony if I do not have a seat in the Festsaal?

If you would like to watch the opening ceremony, we recommend you to be in the Festsaal about 45 minutes prior to the start of the opening, as the Festsaal is always very crowded. There will also be three screens which will show the opening ceremony. Two are outside the Festsaal and one can be found in the entrance hall.

10. Is music played in every room?

Following rooms have music: Festsaal, Zeremoniensaal, Rittersaal, Metternichsaal, Maria Theresien App. II, Radetzky App. II, Forum.

11. What is the dress code for the ball?

Please take into account that the ball has a very strict dress code. Ladies are obliged to wear floor length dresses, men a tuxedo, tailcoat, uniform, or a black suit with a bow tie. Ladies with shorter dresses than floor length will not be granted entry, and the ticket price will not be refunded.

12. Is it allowed to take pictures with a private photo camera?

You can bring your own camera to the ball, but there will also be professional photographers. A selection of photos and a short video will be on the website a few days after the ball.

13. Where can I rent suitable clothes if I do not want to buy an evening dress and a tuxedo?

We can recommend you following stores that have clothes for a ball for rent (1010 Wien is in the city centre):
1010 Wien, Riemergasse 11
1090 Wien, Porzellangasse 8
1110 Wien, Simmeringer Hauptstraße 28
1170 Wien, Hernalser Hauptstraße 150

14. When does the ball evening start, and at what time does the opening cermony start?

Oficiall opening at the Hofburg (main entrance Heldenplatz) is at 8.00 p.m. The opening ceremony with fanfare as well as the entry of the guests of honour, folowed by the opening committee, starts at 9.30 p.m. in the Festsaal.

15. Until what time can I come to the ball?

The box office is open until 1.00 a.m. Reserved tickets can be picked up, and in case the ball is not sold out, tickets can also be purchased. After 1.00 a.m. entry is only possible with a valid ticket. There is no possibility of free entrance. 
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