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V I E N N A   M E D I C A L   D O C T O R S   B A L L
Physicians dance in the Hofburg Vienna

Frequently Asked Questions | Viennese Ball Tradition | May we ask for a dance? | The correct dress code | Tickets | Ticket Sale | Online Booking

The 66th Medical Doctor's Ball takes place at the Hofburg Vienna on Saturday, January 30th, 2016 (Organisation: Vienna Medical Chamber)

The opening will be celebrated at 09:30 pm

It would be a shame to visit Vienna without brushing up your waltz and hearing for one of the city's most famous balls. There is a wide range to choose from, but the one to go for is probably the "Wiener Ärzteball" in the stunning ballrooms of Hofburg Vienna, famous for its elaborate and splendid decorations.

The last Saturday of January belongs annually to thousands of dancing doctors. It is a fact that the Vienna Medical Doctor's Ball has earned an outstanding role amongst the many traditional ball events. Apart from regular guests from Austria, more and more visitors from abroad want to join Vienna's carnival highlight. Surely, the "Wiener Ärzteball" is soul medicine, with dances and a jolly atmosphere which lasts till the early hours.

A breath-taking atmosphere, sparkling champagne and rousing music are guaranteed on this spectacular top-class ball night.

Viennese Ball Tradition

The classic Viennese ball has a proud tradition stretching back over four centuries, and has even taken the first steps towards inclusion in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. The full spectacle extends from the opening ceremony featuring a debutants' committee to midnight stage shows with dance and music performances. There is also traditional ball etiquette to consider - from the "Damenspenden", a gift presented to the ladies, to the requisite gown, tuxedo or formal traditional Austrian dress, Austrian culture runs through every aspect of the Viennese ball.

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May we ask for a dance?
Program "Sigmund Freund - Belle Epoque"

Do you want to dance the Charleston? The Viennese doctors call this time the "Belle Epoque" and dancing like in the times of Sigmund Freud. Because of the 160th birthday of the founder of psychoanalysis he was chosen as the ideal patron of the 66th Viennese doctors Balls.

08.00 pm
Ballroom opening
Damenspende (ladies gift) till 01:00 am

09:30 pm
Entrance and festive opening
Young Ladies´- and Gentlemen´s Commitee
Ball opening inspired by the 1920s

Midnight Event in the Festsaal and proximate in the Zeremoniensaal: 

00:00 am and 01.00 am
"Burlesque - Cabaret"
Welcome to Burlesque!
A rousing show act with singers and dancers of the United Stages Vienna.

03:00 am

05:00 am
End of the ball

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Please download our Ball-Folder (PDF)

Tickets (Runner ticket, no reserved seat)

 Ladies EUR 120,--
 Gentlemen EUR 120,--
EUR 50,--
(Admission only by valid student identity card - until the completed 26th year of life)
reserved seat 
 at a table
starting at EUR 25,-- per seat:
EUR 390,-- / 370,-- / 230,-- / 180,--
Zeremoniensaal, Wintergarten
EUR 90,--
Antekammer, Geheime Ratstube, Marmorsaal, Metternichsaal, Rittersaal, Trabantenstube
EUR 45,--
Festsaal Foyer, Forum, Seitengalerie
EUR 40,--
Entreezimmer, Künstlerzimmer, Maria Theresien Appartements, Radetzky Appartements
EUR 35,--
EUR 25,--
Tickets can also be sent by post to the address stated in the order for a handling fee of EUR 6,-- (registered mail EUR 10,--) to addresses in Austria, EUR 8,-- (registered mail EUR 13,--) inside Europe and EUR 13,-- (registered mail EUR 15,--) for all other countries. No responsibility will be taken for tickets that have been sent and lost by the post office.

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Click to the online reservation system and you can buy tickets and seats for the Vienna Medical Doctor's Ball directly.

Advanced booking for Catering service at the Ballroom!

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Ball gown meets tailcoat - there is a strict dress code!

The correct dress code for every ball:  click here

 Ladies Floor length evening dress
 Gentlemen black tailcoat (with decoration), black dinner jacket / tuxedo, uniform

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Information for those wishing to dance in the opening ceremony

Hans Ulrich Starl
E-mail starl@aekwien.at

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Ticket Sales and further Informations

Angela Rupprecht and Nina Chalupsky
Phone  +43 1 51501 1234
E-mail: aerzteball@aekwien.at

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